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Lin Yi Professor Enterprise annuity theory and policy, insurance and risk management, finance and insurance issue of mixed business operation, social security reform, social security international comparative study, social insurance fund management, aging of populati Insurance and social security research center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 查看详细
Yuan Zhigang Professor Western economics, labor economics, non equilibrium economic theory, China's macro economic operation, and unemployment theory, the theory of pension insurance Fudan University 查看详细
Zhou Changcheng Professor The theory and method of economic sociology, social development and the quality of life, labor relations, entrepreneur and entrepreneur spirit Wuhan University 查看详细
Zhao Man Professor Social security, human resource management, national economics School of public administration, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 查看详细
Li Zhen Professor Social security theory and policy, pension insurance, social security fund management, social security international comparison School of public administration, Renmin University of China 查看详细
Li Lianyou Associate Professor Social security, social insurance fund management Department of public administration, School of management, Shenzhen University 查看详细
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