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Introduction of Center for Social SecurityStudies (CSSS)

The Center for Social Security Studies (CSSS) is thereorganization of the former Social Security teaching and research section ofthe Finance and Insurance Department, Economy School, Wuhan University, theformer Center for Social Security Studies of Wuhan University, the socialSecurity Study Institute, and the Public Management and Social SecurityDepartment of Wuhan University.

CSSS wasapproved by the Education Ministry of P.R.C. as the Key Research Institute ofHumanities and Social Science in Universities in the year of 2000. CSSS has asolid intellectual anchor in a core of well-known senior scholars engaged instimulating and productive interaction with promising young researchers. At thesame time, it has been selected as the “211” Project for higher education andthe second phrase of the national “985” Project as the only state-level SocialSecurity Research and Innovation Base.

The CSSSfaculty consists of 70 fellows.Chair Professor Dasong Deng is the director ofthe center. The other two Associate Directors are Professor Zhen Li, ProfessorMan Zhao. The Director of Academic Committee of CSSS is Professor Man Zhao ,and the members of Academic committee of CSSS are Professor Dasong Deng, ProfessorZhen Li, Professor Zhigang Yuan, Professor Yi Lin, and Professor ChangchengZhou. In the recent 5 years, CSSS has been undertaking more than 200 projectsfrom the national level to the provincial level, whose research budget is over50,000,000 Yuan. It has published more than 70 volumes of teaching books orworks in social security, 1300 significant academic papers, which are awardedthe 1st prize of Provincial Research Results of Humanities and social Scienceby Hubei Province, and more than 40 prizes for other items from the nationallevel to the provincial level.  

Additionally,CSSS performs a critical function in fostering of effective policy making. Thisfunction is accomplished principally through its research and generating over60 consulting papers for departments of public administration such as theMinistry of Finance ,the Ministry of Human Resources and SocialSecurity, Hubei Provincial Government, Human Resources and Social SecurityDepartmen of Hubei Province,and the Committee of Development and Reformof Liaoning Province. CSSS keeps close contact with academic institution andorganizations at home and abroad for many years, and shows ever –increasinginternational influence. Now, CSSS has three doctoralprograms of Social Security, Public Economy Management and Socialmedicine, a postdoctoral program of Public Management, and the only state-levelkey discipline of Social Security in China.

Thefaculties of CSSS persist in the spirit of “Education, Exploration, Innovationand Dedication”, arouse all of our efforts to make the country prosperous, andcarry on the past and open a way for future. They are trying to make CSSS as atalents training center, academic research center, policy consulting servicecenter, academic exchange center and information center of Social Security andPublic Economy Management disciplines at a national level, and they are makinga great contribution to the promotion and development of the national SocialSecurity and Economy course.